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Intel, joining an ever-growing crowd of companies touting data storage systems, introduced on April 16 at Storage Networking World here the industry's first storage server to be based on quad-core processors.

The new rack-mounted Intel Storage Server SSR212MC2 is powered by the quad-core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series and can be configured as a broad range of enterprise and small business storage packages, including NAS (network-attached storage), SAN (storage area network) and application servers.

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Intel shines on 4-way quad core server Intel today showed off a prototype of a server that simultaneously is using 4 quad core processors. The machine is powered by chips codenamed Tigerton that scheduled to start shipping in the third quarter of 2007. During a demonstration, Intel's vice president of Desktop Platform Operations Stephen Smith (pictured left, holding the new Tigerton chip) ran a SunGard financial modeling simulation and rendered an image.